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Posted by Marlous Doeven on 15 mei 2020 12:47:44 CEST
In our article Safety requirements within the wind industry, we have informed you about the legislation and requirements from clients for working within the Dutch wind industry. Many of our clients are also active within the German wind industry. The guidelines and requirements for working within the German market deviate from the Dutch guidelines. In this article we are happy to explain the differences and we also explain which requirements you must meet. This allows you to carry out well-prepared work within both the Dutch and German wind industry.

Industry guidelines

As mentioned earlier in our blog, we have the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet) in the Netherlands as umbrella legislation for all employers in the Netherlands. This law is specifically aimed at the health and safety of employees. Subsequently, this Working Conditions Act is further elaborated in the Working Conditions Decree and Working Conditions Regulations. This can simply be seen as a further elaboration of the umbrella Working Conditions Act. In order to provide industry with guidelines for compliance with laws and regulations and mitigation of risks, an Working Conditions Catalog exists for many industries, including the wind industry. This Health & Safety catalog provides control measures for many of the risks that exist in the industry. However, in many cases the GWO standard is currently leading for the training of personnel in the wind industry. Many clients choose to require GWO training for personnel who work on or near a windmill. The Dutch Arbo catalog does not mention the duration of certificates. In principle, the above also applies to the Netherlands in Germany. The German Working Conditions Act is the Arbeits Shutzgesetz. Most clients also follow the guidelines of the GWO (in the field of training) in the German wind industry.

Period of validity of the certificate

However, there is a big difference between the period of validity, which many clients in Germany demand from the people who work on or on a windmill. Working at height and first aid certification may often not be older than one year. This while the GWO has set the validity of these certificates to 2 years. Where does this come from?
As we have and follow the Working Conditions Catalog in the Netherlands, they use different guidelines in Germany. For example in the field of working at height. The guideline used for this is the DGUV 198. This guideline is made for safe working at height and the DGUV 199 is made for safe rescue at height. These guidelines recommend that working at height should be repeated every year. Clients who demand this annual repeat requirement from the contractors therefore often come from this German directive.

Winda registration

In order to check the validity of your certificate, you must register with the WINDA (Wind Industry Database). 

  • In order to generate a WINDA ID, please visit: and choose „Register”, followed by „Delegate Registration”. After filling in your data you will receive an activation code per e-mail, which is valid for 48 hours. When you activate via the e-mail and fill in a password a confirmation will be sent via e-mail. Also, in the top right corner of the page your WINDA ID will occur. This WINDA ID is needed for registration of your certification. Please bring your WINDA ID.

  • Participation in a refresher course is only possible with proof of a valid basic certificate. In order to book a refresher course please send your WINDA ID to prior to the course commencement date. If you are not in possession of a WINDA ID, please send us a copy of your valid certificate for validation purpose.

GWO Training in the Corona era

We have adapted our training center to continue to offer our training courses under the current circumstances. For example, we offer the theory part online and practical training takes place with only a limited number of participants. In this way we follow the guidelines of the government and we can guarantee the safety of the participants and our employees. We are also working on preparing our training center to be able to offer our training courses in a safe manner in class.

You can contact us for the following GWO Training:

  • GWO Working at heights
  • GWO Manual Handling
  • GWO Fire Awareness
  • GWO Sea Survival
  • GWO First Aid

Compensation on certificates from  GWO

The Global Wind Organization gives employees in the wind industry, who have a GWO certificate, an extra 60 days to participate in refresher training. This means that when your certificate expires, you have an extra 60 days to complete the refresher training.

PLEASE NOTE: your certificate will not be extended by 60 days. Only the possibility to follow refresher training is extended by 60 days.

Medical examinations

DELTA Safety Training also offers the possibility to carry out a Medical examination, which is required for people working in the wind industry. The type of inspection required depends on the age of the employee. From type 2, the inspection is extended with an effort test.

The examination is carried out by a NOGEPA recognized examination doctor and is valid for 2 years. Here you will find an overview of our medical examinations.

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